Travel Fund

Guidelines for the Administration of the AUMSA Travel Fund 

(Revised: February 2014)

Background: The Dean of the faculty of Medical and Health Sciences has set aside $7000 per year in a fund to be used for travel by medical students. In 2006, guidelines for the administration of this fund were developed by AUMSA. These were updated in early 2013.

Aim of the Fund: To advocate for the University of Auckland Medical students at appropriate national and international fora, and raise the profile of AUMSA and the University.

The fund focuses on representation rather than research, as it is AUMSA’s view that research can and should be funded by other means, whereas there is no other source of travel funding for education, advocacy and representation purposes.

The level of funding is only meant to assist students to travel to the events, it will not be sufficient to completely cover the cost of the event.

All allocated funding is subject to change depending on demand and at the discretion of the faculty and the AUMSA Travel Fund committee, not exceeding the available amounts.

Application Procedures:

  1. Students access information about the Travel Fund on the AUMSA website ( ) and download the relevant application form: either the Research Presentation form or the Student Representation form.
  2. Applications for funding should be made as early as possible, as applications received post travel will be given lower priority for consideration of award.
  3. As of 2013, applicants who wish to attend overseas fora must also complete the University of Auckland Faculty Of Medical and Health Sciences’ Online Travel Registry prior to overseas travel and application of the Travel Fund, in accordance with the University of Auckland’s “Travel Policy for Students undertaking University Activities Abroad”.
  4. The completed application form and supporting documentation are sent to the AUMSA Secretary.
  5. There will be four funding rounds per year. Deadlines will be at 5pm on Friday at the end of the third week of the first semester, and 5pm on Friday at the end of second week of each proceeding half semester. At the end of the following week, a Funding Meeting will be held. Attending this meeting will be the AUMSA Secretary, AUMSA Treasurer, and a member of the MPD. If the Secretary or Treasurer wishes to apply for funding, the AUMSA President or Vice-President will take their place.
  6. Those at the Funding Meeting discuss the applications and award funding based on the criteria. The decisions made at these meetings are final; no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. All applicants are notified by the AUMSA Secretary of the outcome of their application, and successful applicants are directed to the MPD to receive the money. The funding must be claimed within two weeks following the event, or accepted application (whichever falls on a later date). The successful applicant must thank the University, FMHS and AUMSA for their support in their presentation or report.
  8. After the event, a report of the funded event must be written to be displayed on the AUMSA website.


Dates for 2017

If at all possible, please submit an application for funding prior to the fora you wish to attend. Applicants will be notified of the status of their applications after the Travel Fund round closing dates below. Applications accepted after applicants have attended fora he/she wishes to receive funding for will be given lower priority.

Round One: 10th of March – 24th of March

Round Two: 12th of May – 26th of May

Round Three: 4th of July – 18th of July

Round Four: 29th of September – 13th of October


  • Grants made to applicants are subject to the discretion of the committee

Funding Structure:

Funding will be awarded under two categories;

  1. Student Representation
  2. Student Research

Student Representation. It is anticipated that this category will allow funding to be granted to students wishing to travel to national and international representation events; and it is anticipated that such a trip would serve to benefit other students and the faculty. Applicants at each round will be ranked and receive funding based on the following criteria:

The criteria are (in order of importance):

  1. Level of representation of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and AUMSA
  2. Nature of representation (location, size, attendance of the event, etc.)
  3. The applicants’ relevant past experiences (e.g. representation experience, current roles).
  4. The applicants’ plans for the future – what they hope to achieve with the experience gained at the event and nature/magnitude of the personal development offered
  5. Amount of funding received from other sources


These will be outlined by the applicant on the application form.

Some conferences which have received funding in the past:

  • ANZAPHE Conference
  • National Leadership Development Seminar
  • AMSA Global Health Conference
  • NZMSA Conference
  • Aotearoa Rural Health Apprentices

Student Research Presentation.
Students will apply for funding to present their own original research at a conference or similar event. Applicants at each round will be ranked and receive funding based on the following criteria:

The criteria are (in order of importance):

  1. Nature of presentation (speaking, poster, etc.)
  2. Nature of conference (size, attendance, etc.)
  3. Students’ Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Nature of journal publications (quality, readership, relevance, etc.)
  5. Students’ position among the named authors for journal publications.
  6. Amount of funding received from other sources

These will be outlined by the applicant on the application form.