AUMSA Elections 2016


Jibi Kunnethedam

Hey amazing AUMSAnians,

I’m Jibi, an undergrad from the North Otago town of Oamaru famous for penguins, steampunk and being the birthplace of Richie McCaw. For the past two years I’ve had the pleasure to serve you all on the NZMSA executive and AUMSA council. I believe I have the experience and qualities to serve ALL AUMSA members as president in 2017. I’m incredibly passionate about AUMSA whether it be on the sports field, the lecture hall or on the social front. I pride myself on honesty and transparency so I won’t make any exuberant promises in campaigning that I can’t keep! I can assure you that I will do the best I can to guide AUMSA to achieving our goals, driving our organisation forward and serving the needs of all our members. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to hit me up. Happy voting.

Many Thanks,



James McElligot

Hey Everyone!

I’m James McElligott, otherwise known as ‘that pink nurse in the latest med revue’ and ‘unofficial AUMSA slave’. Now, I’m hoping to get promoted to the role of VPA.

I believe that at its core, being VPA is about being able to facilitate the effective running of all the portfolios, by helping in communication, planning, and workload. Essentially, keeping all cogs running smoothly. I’d like to keep this going, as I’m always keen to get involved in assisting with events, fundraisers and competitions, and everyone enjoys them more if they run smoothly. This needs some solid planning, and with me being the perfectionist I am you can believe nothing’s going to be forgotten.

I’ll be in Grafton all week, so don’t hesitate to sit me down and have a chat if you want to find out anything more.

Sang Ho Kim

Hey peeps it’s Sang Ho Kim here! I’m going for VPA 2017!

I feel this position demands someone who is organized and able to integrate necessary qualities to the job, and I believe I have the potential to do this.

I’ve always enjoyed working with a variety of people and thrived in leading cooperative tasks. The potential of being VPA excites me because it allows me to interact with the various executives and interest groups.

For most of us 6 years seems like a long time, but for me, it makes me feel bittersweet thinking our time together is limited. I’ve learnt to appreciate each and every moment and I would love to make 2017 just as, if not more memorable than 2016!

So help me give you the experiences you want for 2017 and let us build memories which we will cherish for a lifetime!


Ashwin Singh

Logan Williams

Hey team,

VPE is kind of the forgotten position where no one really knows what they do, but it’s their job to liaise with class reps and the medical faculty in order to improve the curriculum and just make everyone’s academic/general experience of medical school better. I’m running for this role because I have a genuine interest in medical education and want to do my part to try and improve it and give the students their say. I have experience in AUMSA being VPA once upon a time so have no fear that I’m completely incompetent.

This is a really important role because at some point during med school we have all thought something we had to do was absolutely garbage – and it possibly was. So vote for me so I can do my best to give us our say, and reduce the amount of garbage the faculty force-feeds us.

Hazel Wilks

Logan Williams

Kia ora koutou katoa! Last year I was the president of AUMSA and sat on the Board of Studies (governing body of the med school) with the VPE. These two roles represent all students to the top dogs in charge of how the med school runs. Being involved in our education on the Board was one of my favourite things about being president last year! I will be a TI in 2017, so understand the curriculum well through years 2-6. I have already established good relationships with the Board members, other staff, and students through most year levels, and have experience working with VPE’s over 4 years so am the ideal candidate for this role. I will support the next president, listen to your feedback, advocate for our best interests, and lead the AUMSA education committee with excellence. Nga mihi nui!

Liam Walsh

Logan Williams

Some of the best years of my life were in 2nd and 3rd Year Med School but at the same time I also found them very difficult academically. In biomed I crammed and rote learnt answers. I had difficulty adapting to med-school assessment. I also wasn’t sure if opportunities such as summer-studentships, conferences were beneficial.
In year 4, hospital placements were never properly explained beforehand; such as what was expected and what my role was. I wanted mentorship and guidance, someone who had recently been through it to provide practical, relatable advice.
I am passionate about everyone being well informed and getting the same opportunities. I will bring fresh, new ideas to the exec. I will revamp mentorship programmes, increase curriculum awareness and provide practical tips for success in University and Hospital.
I’ve learnt the hard way but with me as VPE I will make sure you won’t have to.


Siska Falconer


Hi! My name is Siska. I am from the mighty Waikato and a true country bumpkin at heart. I have experience with the role as secretary of the Te Kauwhata District Pony Club, and as Chairperson of the Rotongaro Pony Club Events Committee so have a solid track record. I have good organizational skills and like to keep on top of things (hence my passion for riding and strong aversion to being bucked off). I keep busy, for example I am currently a member of the US-NZ Youth Council, and enjoy a diverse range of volunteer work. I am looking forward to going head to head with my fellow receptionist from Medrevue. I would love to have a chat with you all, so do come find me and let me bribe you with a subway-rivalling cookie. Thank you for your time.

Harry Di Somma


Kia ora koutou, I’m Harry running for AUMSA secretary for 2017.

I’m running for this position because I’m passionate about medicine and medical students. I believe that an organised, efficient secretary, helps to anchor AUMSA into a united body, and as such allows it to continue to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. An anchored AUMSA is an exciting body able to advocate, educate, care, and foster us as we continue on through our training.

The secretary is in charge of AUMSA memberships, meeting minutes, AUMSA elections, and the travel fund. I believe my approachability, friendliness, and organisational skills (which I’m continuing to develop) make me a good fit for this role.

I have a few ideas for how I want to develop the secretarial role, so I invite you to sit down and have a chat with me over this week.

Thanks everyone,

Harry for Di Secretary


Brittany Smith

Campaign Photo

Hey everyone, for those that don’t know me I’m Brittany and I would love the opportunity to be your AUMSA Treasurer for 2017! I think I’ll be great for Treasurer as I am super organised, extremely responsible and I’ve had heaps of experience managing coinage. I’ve been responsible for numerous flat bank accounts and last summer I worked for Cookie Time selling Christmas Cookies, which involved me keeping track of all my incoming cash and business expenses. Also, if I’m need of a helping-hand, two of my flat-mates are working at accounting firms and would be happy to be of service. I am confident that I will make a great Treasurer so vote Brittany for AUMSA Treasurer 2017!


Andrew Mark Jayasuria & Hilary Barker

_X3P2010 2 (1)

Now that we’ve sealed our fate as med students, the grass is greener, the skies are bluer and our future ahead as medical professionals is really rather exciting. However, it can be easy to get bogged down by all the lectures, assignments and OSCE’s thrown at us throughout our training. Something we also need to keep in mind is that in this profession the learning never really stops. And so we have a goal as Education Reps, that if elected, we will focus on enabling you to achieve the balance you need to succeed in all areas of life. Our vision is for quality over quantity – we want to help our peers achieve efficient, effective study, so they have more time for other priorities. It is the well-rounded doctor who is best for their patients, and as Education Reps our focus on efficiency and balance will help you achieve this.

Rebecca Gandhi & Akashneel Lal

Kia ora,

We both decided to run for education rep because we wanted to be in the best position to give any academic support we can. We each offer a unique perspective on being in Medical school and can weave these into the way we represent and advocate for you. It’s not just the postgrad-undergrad dynamic, but our entire view on life as medical students and as people.

In terms of what we have to offer, we will use our position to bring in more INTERACTION between the student body, ourselves and staff. We’ve realised throughout this year that medicine is all about interaction and teamwork; and we would like to set this mood for the years to come.

We’re both very friendly and approachable people, willing to voice any concerns that you have with regards to education at medical school to the relevant staff.

Vote Akash and Rebecca!

Amy Lee & Jess Tsang

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 5.04.43 pm

Amy and Jess are enthusiastic, hardworking students who are approachable and positive in their can-do attitude. We have an engaging approach to education that prioritises the individual achieving personal success, while having fun at the same time.

Our main priority is providing a positive academic environment for you to achieve your highest potential, and fulfil your personal goals. For the pre-clinical students, we want to aid the transition from being top of the cohort, to finding your place within a high achieving spread, and helping you on your path of lifelong learning. We also want to help bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical students by aiding the application of traditional academic learning to a clinical environment.

We look forward to seeing you across the campaigning week, where we’d love to discuss any ideas, thoughts, or excitement for the endless opportunities your education has to offer!


James Uivaa


Hey there! My name is James Uivaa and I want to be your AUMSA sponsorship officer for 2017. I’m running because I genuinely believe that I can make 2017 one of the best years AUMSA has ever had by increasing accessibility to AUMSA events for those in years 2 and 3 and especially those in the clinical years, to make AUMSA an overall more integrated society. Now unfortunately I cannot explain all my plans for the future in this paragraph, but a brief summary of my main policies are firstly, a surplus amount of funding for ALL events. In order to do this, you need someone who is willing to take a proactive approach to recruit multiple funding sources, which is my second policy. Furthermore, I would increase the support and outreach of AUMSA for all its member initiatives.
If there are any questions, come and ask me. Cheers.

Kate Gatman


A little bit about me: my hobbies include singing, reading and being out on the water-fishing and wakeboarding. I wish to be sponsorship officer because I believe I have the skills to make a positive difference in the role and can help to save AUMSA money. Why? I am organised which means I would ensure fluid coordination between AUMSA and our sponsors to ensure the money is received on time. I am experienced, I have been involved in organising various fundraising efforts in the past. I am a very hard worker so you can be assured that I will meet all deadlines. Most importantly, I am a people person and have the ability to establish a good rapport with others. This is important in the sponsorship role to get sponsors to understand why giving to AUMSA be it money or other goods would benefit them!


Sita Clark & Kendall Robertsonn


Wel, to be fare… we think the team of Sita and Kendall would be a perfect fit for the 2017 role of Welfare Representatives. To us, wellbeing is about ensuring that everyone’s time at Med School is healthy, happy and enjoyable. For most of us this is easily achieved if we can wipe out the one barrier standing in everyone’s way – stress. I (Kendall) must say I’ve had a pretty stress-free year myself and ol’ mate Sita has certainly earned MIP for the way she has flourished into a stress-managed-coffee-consuming-energized-bunny. Together, through our love of food, exercise, coffee, yoga, mindfulness, banter, and scoring anything free (so we have more dosh in the pocket woohoo!) we want to restore welfare for everyone and make 2017 the most stress-less year yet! So this election week we’re launching the #shedthestress campaign. Jump on board and watch that weight shed of your shoulders!!

Raveena Nand & Juliet Cooper


We are Rav and Julz, candidates for AUMSA Welfare Representatives for 2017. We have the audacity to challenge the status quo, the tenacity to push ahead with your big ideas and foresight to be able to provide you with what you need, when you need it. We are reliable and organised and that is why we think we are perfect for the job. In short, we recognise the importance of maintaining healthy minds, bodies, souls and social ties and for that reason have decided to base our 2017 policies around Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Wha model of health. For example, we are looking to introduce a Mid-Year-Get-Away to help students unwind and to bond before the second semester, more inclusion of clinical students, and of course get you all even more sweet deals. For more information around our policy guide please feel free to check out our FB pages.

Jamie Penno & Leandrie Young


Hi friends, we’re Jamie & Leandrie, and we want to be your welfare reps for 2017! We feel that we both bring different strengths and ideas to this role, and will work really well as a team to look after you guys. We both care very strongly about your well-being – we know med school can be tough, and we want to make sure that we’re there to help you through it in any way that we can. We are both organised, supportive, motivated individuals (and we really like baking and hugs). We will be inclusive & approachable, and will work together with the rest of AUMSA as well as the student body to provide events that we hope you will find useful and fun! Ultimately, we just want you to have the best year possible! We’re always around campus and would love to get to know each and every one of you!

Liam Ferguson & Hyun-Young Park


We’re Liam and Hyun, or FergoHyun, and we would love to be your next welfare reps. We’re quite different people, who have the same priority in mind – your well-being.

We will take a cooperative approach to welfare, working with all members of the AUMSA and pastoral care teams. We value open communication and approachability.

Liam has struggled with mental health issues and stress for years. He understands the importance of self care, as well as a sense of empathy when it comes to personal issues.

Hyun is also interested in mental health. She values having supportive people around during stressful times. Even little things can make a big difference. She wants to “pay it forward”, that feeling of support that has been so important in her life.

FergoHyun strives to support you on a personal level, and if elected, we will always be there when you need us. Vote FergoHyun!


William Cook & Jaymee Mcnab-Hand

Hey guys, we’re Will & Jaymee and we’re eager to be your 2017 AUMSA Sports Reps. With experience coaching and managing sports teams throughout both our high school and uni years, we’ve learnt to get things done whilst putting our players sporting needs first.

As well as playing sports outside of uni, we’ve both played for the mighty FMHS Seabass in the Inter-Faculty Tournament, representing our colours with pride. Coincidentally we were both goalies for our respective FMHS futsal teams (we even shared gloves); hence our great pairing was meant to be.

As 2017 Sports Reps, we want to introduce: Staff vs Student games, multiple 2nd vs 3rd year games (touch, netball, football etc). Also to continue doing: AUMSA Sports Exchange, Round the Bays, Bubble Football, and to keep our high ranking IFT position and be the faculty equivalent of Michael Phelps…multiple golds around our neck.

Vote Will & Jaymee!


Sarah Benfell, Aakaash Patel & Colin Lowndes


Hey guys! Sarah, Colin and Aakaash here, we’re your team of tokens and hopefully your 2017 AUMSA social reps! As a token Asian, Indian and Remuera white girl, we represent you.

We have some awesome ideas next year including:

  • Bigger venues and larger capacity events to involve more of the clinical students

  • Cheap drink deals so you can rush to the Asian flush

  • Joint froths with other faculties so you can use “I’m in med school” as a pick up line

  • More sober events like camping weekends and beach days

Whether you’re down for a dirty diesel or prefer to sip on a soda, we will cater to all of your fun fetishes

Live laugh love you long time

Sarah, Colin and Aakaash


Libby Halligan, Emma Bower & Daniel Carson

Social rep

Kia Ora fellow Med Peers.

It’s ya pals Libby, Emma and Daniel here to express our staggering excitement at the potential prospect of being your humble AUMSA social reps for 2017. We know just as much as you that med is not all heart-warming SGA talks, it’s hard work too. So we want to bring the hard partying.

We know we may not look like much but under our below-average exterior is three party-loving musketeers. We’ll bring everything but the kitchen sink to the table, including our outstanding organisation skills, stellar work ethic and pure devotion to making sure your social calendar is exploding with oodles of hijinks and fun.

A vote for us means a vote for late night shenanigans, stories you won’t be telling your grandparents, photos you’ll untag on Facebook and above all, friendships to last a lifetime.

Vote LED for Social Reps 2017



Nandini Dubey


Hey! My name is Nandini and I am a candidate for the AUMSA Advocacy officer this year. I believe advocacy work and medical professions go hand in hand. As future healthcare professionals we need to be advocates for our patients, and for healthcare policies.

I have often found, however, that knowing exactly what steps to take to be an effective advocate can often be a challenge. For me, running for advocacy officer is an opportunity to help equip us medical students with the knowledge and tools needed to be effective and confident advocates. In my mind, that starts with gaining well-rounded knowledge on relevant issues to become confident in our opinions. After that, we need to know how to translate those beliefs into actions.

I am excited by the prospect of setting up talks and events to help us become better informed about the field we are heading into 🙂


Boaz Competente


Hey everyone, my name’s Boaz Competente and I’m running for webmaster on the AUMSA executive for next year. Pretty sure no one else wants the job so it looks like you guys are stuck with me. Sorry.

At first, I had no idea what a webmaster even was, let alone what they do. I imagined some kind of Peter Parker/half-man-half-spider looking guy, but as it turns out they’re the one in charge of the AUMSA website and all things internet. This came as a welcome surprise as I was not prepared to become a superhero and watch everyone I love die at the hands of my nemeses.

As webmaster, I will ensure that AUMSA has a strong online presence, through a robust and informative website. I will also bring fresh perspective to the role as someone who is aware that the portfolio, while very important, could be much more than it is right now. I will push for change in the role, not only for the sake of future webmasters, but also to further strengthen the executive team so that we can serve our members better in years to come.

So remember: Vote smart. Vote Competente.

ND Editors

Tom Hockey, Hilary Parsons & Charlie Lin

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.26.29 pm


  • a smartphone company that’s keeping its headphone jack, and also the most promising ND campaign team of 2016.


is for Hilary, who “self identifies” as a basic b****, made worse by the fact that she’s from the

harsh suburb of Takapuna.


is for Tom, the only non-Aucklander on the team, who unfortunately originates from the Tron.


is for Charlie, the one who you think will be the nicest of the 3, but is really just a snobby Grammar boy with repressed teenage angst.

As ND, we’ll dig out your treasured Facebook memories and capture all the good times at every event, as well as produce top

quality quacks and mags. To sample our talents, add us on snapchat (HTC4ND), check out our Facebook event and join us in what is sure to be a week filled with banter and lols.

Robin Page, Alexander Tate & Jelle van der Have

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.26.29 pm

I’m Robin Page, and this is my ND Editors campaign. I run with my old man, Jelle van der Have and my son, Big Al. Every photo we take has a story and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 19 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.

And when is that door not a door? When it’s a-JAR. More specifically, when it’s Jelle, Alex and Robin, who are the door that leads to THE choice for your 2017 ND Editor team. Between us we’ve a refugee from South Hamilton (he calls it Cambridge), a northern Demigod masquerading as an engineering-turned-medical-student, and a masochist who moonlights as a magazine writer.

Whether it’s adding online publication (we’re thinking of you clinical students!) or advice on which medical TV show is best for cramming before progress tests, we’ve got you covered. Vote JAR for ND Editors 2017!

NZMSA Year 3 Rep

Georgia Putt


Hi everyone, I’m running for 3rd year NZMSA representative. I’m really excited about the opportunity to represent Auckland on a national level with this role. This year I’ve had some advocacy experience as co-president of Diversity in Practice and this has really ignited my passion for being involved with the student body as an executive. Plus, being from a rural area, I should be able to manage to communicate with those hillbillies down in Dunedin ;). In all seriousness though, I believe that it’s really important for the medical schools around the country to work together as a well-oiled machine to effectively communicate the issues that we are most concerned about and to strengthen the campaigns that result. Vote for Georgia Putt, because I won’t shut up: About your rights.

Isobel Ferguson


If you had

One shot

One opportunity

To vote Issy Ferguson for NZMSA rep

Would you capture it

Or just let it slip?

Her shirt is sweaty, quads juiced up, southern accent’s heavy

There’s calluses on her hands, mom’s spaghetti

She’s nervous, but on the surface she looks calm and ready

To drop bombs on policy, that keeps us from gettin’

What we need to graduate twice, uni goes so long

Studylink opens its wallet, but the funds don’t come out

She wants to address UMAT, how, everybody’s jokin’ now

It doesn’t achieve sh*t, times up, overpowered

Snap back to reality, oh there goes Faculty

Oh, we have to be, fightin’ for diversity

She’s so postgrad, but she won’t give up that easy? No

She’s gotta have it, she’ll listen to your dreams & hopes

She’s good where it matters, she’s old, she knows that, but give her your vote

Jerryn Mathews


Hi, I’m Jerryn Mathews and I’m one of your candidates for the role of NZMSA 3rd Year Representative for 2017. Prior to doing Medicine in Auckland, I completed a Genetics degree at Otago University. I’m interested in the issues surrounding Medicine, and am determined to play a part in making much-needed changes. I think this role will teach me to look at medicine in a different perspective and allow me to better understand all the hard work that is being done to secure our future profession’s welfare. I’d be great for the position as I’m passionate, organised and approachable, meaning that not only will I be helping spread NZMSA’s message to you all via events and forums, I will do my very best to convey any ideas and concerns to NZMSA.

NZMSA Year 6 Rep

Andrew Thushyanthan


Good day

Over the last year I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of serving for AUMSA and its members. Consequently, my desire to be NZMSA 6th year rep comes from the fact that I wish to still do more, to build and to continue representing your voice.

Firstly, on the clinical mentoring program we established this year. We had our short comings and I wish to improve this initiative by coordinating with working groups and the regional medical student associations nationally whom have well-established programs.

Secondly to build a culture change in the reporting & manner we discuss bullying in the clinical environment, through events and working with faculty to create robust systems.

Finally, to represent your voice, on issues you feel matter.

So once again I ask for your vote of confidence this year and hope my future vision and my past actions can award me this privilege.

Waikato Site Representative

Gerald Chang Seo Lee


Hey everyone my name is Gerald. I’ll be at Waikato Hospital next year and I want to be your site representative (with nominees for other hospital sites coming soon). No matter what year you’re at, the clinical environment can be pretty daunting; you might find that some attachments are more overwhelming than others, some things are structured quite differently to other hospitals, or you just want that extra bit of advice for your next assessment. I want to be there to make sure all your concerns are addressed. With previous AUMSA experience, you can rely on me to be a trustworthy site rep. From allowing more integration with your class reps and site university staff, to developing teaching/mentoring opportunities on-site, to simply being there to listen, I will do my best to make sure your year at Waikato Hospital goes as smoothly as possible.