AUMSA Elections 2017

Executive Committee

Executive Officers


Sung-Min Jun

Kia ora koutou everyone! My name is Sung-Min and it is humbling to be running such an exciting campaign for this years elections! When I think of when AUMSA is most successful as an organisation, it is when our members are unified, genuine and full of love for each other. That is why my motto and hopes for this organisation is an “AUMSA for everyone”. We do so well for the 80% of members within this organisation but I think we leave behind a substantial number of our members, namely clinical students and a broad group of pre clinical students who find it hard to engage in our events. While I lack in many areas, I am confident that my love and sincere appreciation for what each member can bring to the table will help us make small, incremental steps towards truly making an AUMSA for everyone.

Much love,

Tim Burns

AUMSA has been going strong for longer than most of us have been alive, and each year the council seems to maintain and build upon the high standards set by the year before. The presidents role is not to make excessive promises about how next years council is going to produce the best year in AUMSA history but rather to preserve what traditionally makes the organisation so successful, and to add extra support and ideas where they see room for it; by working with each portfolio and their ideas individually. Colleagues I have worked with, either as a Med Revue director or a social rep, know my level of commitment to the med school culture. Following my year long hiatus in the mighty Waikato I am equally as passionate to continue contributing to the unique culture our faculty possesses. I genuinely believe I can add great value to this role.

Vice-President Administration

Hannah Kim

Do you know what the world’s least racist animals are? Pandas.
This is because they’re Black, White and Asian.
My friends have often called me a panda because I (try to) act Black, I sound White and I look Asian. I have great passion to see the all the medical students from different backgrounds to unite as one; so that each one of us feel like we belong. Did you know that people who have a greater sense of belonging have better mental health?
Through increasing our sense pride and unity, I hope to challenge the horrific statistics of medical students battling mental illnesses. I wish to run for the role of AUMSA Vice-President Administration, as I believe I have the skills, experiences and most importantly the passion to create positive change for the medical students of UoA.
For my full list of qualifications, please visit my linkedin page.


Cameron Tuckey

My Name is Cameron Tuckey and I’m absolutely fizzing to be running for AUMSA Vice-president of Administration for 2018. Personally, I don’t think it’s the VPA’s place to make lots of huge promises. Instead, I’ll be gunning all year to make even the most ambitious dreams of the EXEC into a reality.

What I will promise is full commitment. Being head prefect in high school taught me a lot in terms of organization and communication skills. However, I’ll strive to push the envelope of what is humanly possible in terms of time management as I aim for an email reply time sub 30-seconds.  Dabbling in both sports and arts I feel I’m prepared to offer my 2 cents across the board. I’m approachable, easy going and I would love to bring the issues med-students really care about to the table

Join the Cam-paign. Join the movement. Vote Cameron Tuckey!

Kim Tong


First name is Kim, last name is Tong
Some think I’m smol, like a footlong.
But I think I’m tall, because I tiptoe
Tiptoe around, be with the crowd.
Meet many people, y’all are so great
So let me be, your V.P.A.

Because I know, what it requires
I work for PIG, never have a quarrel.
I’m also in DIG, mail your ward runs
With Teddy Bear, bring lots of fun.
Co-president of TOGAS, care for babies
Coordinate FVP, fly you to Fji.

With my experiences, I know I can
Lead you to the top, across the land.
I’ll talk to Kirsty, workin’ on the forms
I’ll talk to the Pres, calmin’ down EFTS storm.
I’ll talk to AUMSA, buildin’ up our Grafton
I’ll listen to you, and I’ll be your voice.

So vote for me, as your V.P.A.

Visharn Sathiyakumar

I’m going to start with something a bit unorthodox. I’m not the most popular or the most social person in the world. Honestly, I’d rather just cuddle up in bed with a cup of coffee, turn on Netflix and say good bye to the world. So why on earth am I here? Well it’s because I genuinely like you guys, people I’ve met in med have been some of the warmest kindest people in my life and they’ve helped me actually enjoy life. And I want to help you guys in return by getting across issues that matter for you. So why should you pick me? Well it’s because I’m the type of silly person whose pretty lazy with my own work. But when it comes to things that matter for people I care about. I’d go hard, and I’ll fight till the very bitter end. I can promise that.


Michaela Mack

There once was a girl called Mack

Who thought she’d give secretary a crack

Over administration, she gets pretty thrilled

In communication, she’s pretty skilled

And hopes this limerick is not a setback

Kia Ora, I’m Michaela Mack. I’m a postgrad with a public health background and I would love to be your AUMSA Secretary for 2018!

I want to be your secretary for 2018 because I am passionate about continuing AUMSA’s legacy of fostering a thriving and cohesive student culture within our programme. I am confident that I have the experience and skills necessary to execute the roles of secretary, which primarily involve facilitating clear communication within and beyond AUMSA and undertaking administrative work.

Overall, I promise to commit the same amount of effort, enthusiasm and dedication to the duties of secretary as I do to my Instagram captions – i.e. a lot.

Dylan van Lier

Kia ora tātou, I’m Dylan!

AUMSA preserves, protects, and promotes our community, our needs and interests; and the Secretary is the oil that keeps the wheels of AUMSA spinning.

They are responsible for records and meeting minutes; membership registration and general admin; the Travel Fund and the elections.

The role requires efficiency, communication, and an unholy love of spreadsheets and Google Calendar – each of which I can offer.

We’re all in this together, as med students, colleagues, and friends; and I consider it my duty to do my part to make our time together the best it can be.

That means serving your needs and interests in the best way I can – as your organized, friendly, accessible, and dependable Secretary for 2018.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch online or around Grafton – I’d love to hear your ideas, concerns, and expectations!

Ngā mihi,

Aabharika Bose


My name is Aabharika (Abby) Bose and I am a second-year medical student. Would it be alright if I captured your attention for a minute before you scroll to the excerpts of other phenomenal prospective members? It would be helpful for my Secretarial campaign.

I would love the opportunity to be your AUMSA Secretary 2018 for two main reasons. Firstly, because AUMSA strives to make a genuine difference in diverse avenues and I would be honoured to contribute to its executive team. Secondly, as my skills are best tailored to the secretary position. The secretary needs to be organised, approachable, a good communicator and good at maintaining records. Juggling University, Work and Social life for four years has fostered my organisational skills while volunteering has nurtured my communication skills. Finally, my note-taker job has cultivated my record keeping skills.

I look forward to meeting many of you and exchanging ideas about AUMSA and the secretary role.

A. Bose.


Mohammad Al-Diery

Hi guys, my name is Mohammad Al-Diery and if I’m not playing basketball, working, studying or at the gym, I’m not being myself. I’m a super active person who balances family and social life, with study and work. Sadly, I’m known for working at the prestigious St Luke’s Mega Centre branch of Noel Leeming where I rip old ladies off with $8000 TVs. However, when I’m not selling my soul I help my father operate a small business. My roles range from day-to-day business, to balancing books and managing finances. My various experiences have made me comfortable working with large sums of money, and am looking to enter the stock market soon. I have a keen interest in ensuring the hard work students put in throughout the semester is rewarded with enjoyable events that don’t break the bank. Confidence is key when working with money. Vote Mo for Treasurer!


Vice-President Education

Jacob Manning

Advocacy requires a listening ear and then an attitude of action. I am running for the position of Vice President Education within AUMSA. I am confident and assertive, willing to push for the  voice of the students on the education board. As part of the role of VPE I would continue the good work done by previous VPEs, particularly in regard to practice OSCEs run for third and fourth year students, and also developing progress test tutorials. My goal for VPE is to develop curriculum around Te Reo learning and tikanga. It is imperative, that as medical students within Aotearoa we address the inequity of healthcare faced by certain groups, particularly Māori. Learning tikanga is important for us as medical students, and for us as citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand. Vote for Manning!

Harrison Kay

Ever felt like you’re only good for pulling curtains? Growing facial hair waiting for recordings? Been laughed at when you order a soy mochaccino with a caramel shot? Because I have, and I am here for you. Kia Ora koutou. My name is Harrison, I’m placed at Middlemore Hospital as a Trainee Intern next year, and I would love to be your AUMSA Vice President of Education for 2018! I have had the pleasure of being on the NZMSA Executive for the last two years, as well as being a 2015 AUMSA Social Representative. I think I’ll be great because I am hard working, a passionate advocate and overall love a good chat. I am passionate about the quality of education we receive – particularly for clinical students – an area I believe with much room for improvement. I look forward to chatting with some of you during Campaign Week!

Sponsorship Officer

Aditya Arora

My name is Aditya Arora (Adi for short), and I’m a second year. I’m going for the Sponsorship Rep role this year because I love AUMSA and would love to raise money for our beloved student-run organisation. I admire AUMSA and all that it does, which includes organising lit events (for those of who that know me, you would know that I’ve barely missed an event this year), conferences, sports exchanges and donations to charity, and I believe that with more money we will enhance our ability to do all of this and be a much better organisation in the process. I’m all for letting loose and having a bit of fun, and a richer AUMSA would mean that we can all afford to get even more #lit, which I know that a lot of us med students love to do. Vote Aditya for a better AUMSA!

Vanshay Bindra

The role of sponsorship officer for AUMSA has engrained in its core a need for someone who is able to build strong relationships with not only its members but businesses and organisations for the betterment of this mighty association. It requires an individual who shows a great commitment to further developing current sponsors and enhancing their support while also reaching out and expanding possible funding opportunities. All of this needs one person and that person should be Vanshay Bindra. What I bring to the table is experience raising over $15000 for a charity through various sponsorship, a professional manner and an unrelenting passion to see AUMSA flourish. My commitment is unwavering and incontestable. A vote for Vanshay will be a vote in the right direction for AUMSA.

Communications Officer

Vanamali Joseph

Kia Ora Koutou! I’m Jibi Vanamali!

Communication Officer, you need a student who can be loud, proactive, loud and passionate!

By Voting for Vanamali, you can expect
– Increased integration and communication with the various interest groups and student associations. working closely with the Social Reps, VPA and secretary

  • Meaning fewer event clashes
  • More events to attend
  • More unity within Grafton and beyond
  • A Modern website (I can code)
  • Comprehensive and weekly updated Google Calendar with events from all affiliated groups
  • a Google Drive full of communal, organised notes and resource for ALL medical student; both pre-clinical and clinical.

Together, we can work together to make AUMSA better communicated for YOU!
I hope to achieve this as your loud, amicable and loyal Communications Officer for 2018.

If you have any ideas, concerns and expectations let me know! =)

Ngā mihi,

Social Representatives (x3)

Caitlin Orr-Walker, Ben Madsen & Sam Robertson

Found yourself stuck in a rut? Spending all your days daydreaming and your nights, well, nightdreaming about a better life? Found yourself craving cooler stories? Well then your prayers, hopes, dreams and also those confusing febrile hallucinations have been heard! The answer? Caitlin, Sam and Ben as your Social Reps for 2018. With the perfect mix of an overqualified over-experienced postgrad, a cool calm and collected Cantabrian and the slightly better looking, slightly taller Tim Burns of the class of 2021, you’d be a buffoon not to vote CSB for Social because even if we weren’t the only choice, we’d still be the best. #CSB

Education Representatives (x2)

Marcus Lau & Michelle Liem

With a combined age of 44, and one of them being old enough to be your daddy, Marcus and Michelle would be honoured to represent you as the 2018 AUMSA education representatives.  

Marcus hails from the mighty Palmerston North (Boys High School, in case he didn’t tell you) and has already done a BHSc in paramedicine. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys clarifying difficult academic concepts with anyone.

Michelle, a classic shore girl, has the best napping skills in all of med whilst maintaining a more than satisfactory GPA. In her spare time she sleeps on her books and apparently, osmosis does work.

We strive to increase clinical education for preclinical students in the form tutorials e.g. Core skills workshops, progress test tutorials, more emergency medicine workshops and more advice on how to use clinical scenarios.  We are passionate about providing all this as well as being accessible and approachable for students who need us. (We’re always at uni!)

Vote M&M for AUMSA Education Reps!

Holly Mashlan & Ashani Samarasinghe

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No- it’s Ashani and Holly’s sky-high ambitions for AUMSA education in 2018!  Our goal is to represent your diverse educational experiences, and be a reliable, approachable link between staff and students.  We’ll focus on making your year more fun and less stressful.  We’re excited to introduce a monthly newsletter featuring advice from students in each year of their degree, and a Q and A section with a different specialist each month.  We want to work with other reps to deliver pre-topic-test team quizzes and more rural opportunities, and with the faculty to gain more second year clinical experience, piazza tutors, and a timetable that actually lets us achieve that elusive study-life balance.  We’ll also continue the work done by our current education officer and organize progress test tutorials. So vote for us- we want to represent your voice!

Sports Representatives (x2)

Sophie Rees & Thomas Hayes

Hey team!!!! We’re Sophie and Tommy and we believe that we have the fitness to practise as your AUMSA Sports Reps for 2018.

Instead of running ourselves into the ground studying, we want to get everyone out there running around the country trying to play sports, or at least running around chasing cute clinicals.

Studies show that being active for 1 hour each day can increase your working and partying ability by up to 76%, that’s some serious fitness to practise!

We both have experience in bucketloads, being quite good at sports that involve running, and slightly less good in sports that require coordination, but mainly we just froth sports.

Whether you’re a part-time hooker, hydration technician, Second Base-specialist or professional grinder, there’s a spot in our team for you, and we’ll make your life as balanced as the forces at FRC.

Vote ST and we’ll get you Depolarized. #STD.

Elliot Pike & Matthew Lobb

At a young age, Matt “double-fault” Lobb developed an unparalleled love for sport. From full sets of Weet-Bix stat-attack rugby cards to clocking Ricky Ponting Cricket 2005™.

Elliot “three-putt” Pike received a badminton racquet at age six and before you could say “shuttlecock,” he’d mastered the forehand, backhand and everything in between.

And the love for sport only grew.

As an AUMSA sports rep, Matt from Northland will bring the wairua of the Taniwha, and the reliability of Kathryn Latu. While Elliot from Wellington, brings the drive of a swirling wind at the cake-tin, and the organisation of a Wellington Phoenix midfield. We have several great ideas to significantly increase the number of sporting events available at Grafton. We will provide opportunities for everyone to help us dominate the interfaculty competition.

For a Sea bass 2018 highlights package better than Dan Carter’s second 2005 lion’s test, vote Matt and Elliot!

Arts & Welfare Representatives (x2)

Geena Loke & Nicola Kluger

Nikki and Geena here, and we’re running for Arts & Welfare reps 2018! We’d love to take on this role so that we can make your time at med school the best it can be. Uni can be tough, which is why we want to ensure you guys have the opportunities to do the things you enjoy. We are excited for ‘Arts’ to be added this year, as we believe there are heaps of you who are super talented in this area and we should be encouraging everyone to continue their passions and hobbies!

We’ve been involved in student welfare roles before and had experience in supporting students through university. There will be times where you question your study choices, feel stressed or have personal hardships that impact your time at university – but we’re here to help get us through and enjoy life!

Burnout’s real, lets stop it 👊

Stephen Bayley & Awatea Strother

Kia ora beautiful humans! Awatea and Stephen here, and we’re on a mission to promote well-being and arts for aumsa students.

As a pair, we are the yin to each other’s yang, our experiences and values diversify us. One of our major strengths is our ability and willingness to understand a multitude of viewpoints and relate to a diverse range of issues, regardless of ethnicity, gender or age. We have a passion for looking out for our med whānau and the ideas to back it up. Our experiences in leadership, arts, counselling, and welfare are vital.

Studying to look after patients can ironically make it hard to look after yourself, and that’s where we can help!  We’re all in med for a good time and, unfortunately, a long time, so vote Awatea and Stephen for aumsa Welfare and Arts reps and spend that time with us!

Johnathan Reynecke & Sophie Wakelin

Hi there! My name is Sophie, and I’d love to be your arts and welfare rep. Although I’m a born Kiwi, I spent most of my childhood living in the USA, where I ventured into the arts. I started dancing ballet at age 3, and I also learnt both the piano and the violin. I mostly play for fun these days so don’t ask me to perform for you, lest your eardrums burst.

Xin chào, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Hello!
My name is Johnathan Reynecke, and I want to make Grafton as wholesome as possible. While I was born and raised in South Africa, nowhere is my love for New Zealand’s diversity exemplified more than within Medicine. Welfare means looking after and nurturing this diversity further, including events to this end (especially the food). My second love, as you can see from my picture, is animals!

Natasha Mitchell & Celine Peng

Natasha is a post-graduate student (and makes sure everyone knows), she paints like Picasso and does the downward dog like a doggo. Her thrift shop skills saves her a buck but looks so last century and smells like a grandma.

Celine enjoys her countless Tank green juices, and wears active wear to every Sunday brunch. The number of stripey t-shirts she owns stacks more than her height, and even though she wears Adidas Superstars on the usual, she swears she’s not basic.

Together, we believe that welfare involves reducing the barriers that prevent students from achieving a balanced life. To achieve this, we would like to introduce events such a talent show to promote the arts and random acts of kindness throughout campus. We are interested in developing consistent welfare by introducing free tea and coffee on campus.

CENA are a contrasting yet cohesive pair and would be honoured to represent you for Welfare in 2018.

Vote CENA!

ND Editors (x3)

Deborah Hady, Sota Kamiya & Sai Konan

Sota and Sai are here so they can suss second years at Freshers, Debby just wants an AUMSA exec sweater. Between the three of us, we have a combined GPA of 9.0, 1 newly sussed DSLR from trade me, 336 likes on our Facebook DPs, and we can down an average of 2.75 standard drinks before we black out. However, we’ve got the experience of a white girl on Instagram, good bants, and debby “actually writes for a magazine bro”, and so we think we can be 2018 ND editors.

Treat your vote for us as a ticket to a new Facebook DP from cocktail party, and a subscription to keep you in the medcest loop.

Sota- spends his study time on Buzzfeed watching clickbait material on how to take sub-par photos so he can take enough decent photos before he passes out at social events.

Debby – thinks she’s qualified because she “actually write for a magazine bro”, snapchats all the time to make it look like she has friends, and can edit picture using Instagram filter and VSCO.

Sai – Certified bum who will come up with one good idea for the magazine and hype it up for the rest of the year

NZMSA Committee

3rd Year Representative

Emily Yi

Hello, I’m Emily Yi and I am running for NZMSA 3rd year representative. I have a passion for advocacy and policy change, which is why I want to be the person that facilitates that for the class of 2021 and beyond. The role is one that links the NZMSA team with the medical students at Grafton, liaising between the two to allow for fluid communication. In order to represent everybody effectively, I will strive to unite and empower the student body.

What I can bring to this role is my approachable and talkative nature. I am always up for a chat, with everybody and anybody, which allows me to gain a better grasp on what the ideas and concerns of students are. I am also experienced in advocacy and leadership. I am currently the Auckland Coordinator for Medical Students for Global Awareness, and in the Dermatology Interest Group executive team.

4th Year Representative

Natalie Allen

I would like to be your NZMSA fourth year representative. In order to tell you a bit about myself, I’ve written an acrostic poem of my own name.

Never misses an opportunity to talk about Harry Potter

Always leaves parties early

Tries to pretend a $6 coffee every morning is a human right

Attends every lecture but takes nothing in

Laughs too loudly at the movies

Ignores the dirty looks received whilst laughing too loudly at the movies

Enjoys seeing photos of other people’s pets

I’m running because I’m very interested in advocacy and assisting with the current issues facing medical students, particularly as I go into clinical years. I’m also partial to a nice meeting, particularly if it has catering. But in order to have the opportunity to do so, I need you to vote for me. Thanks for reading, please come and talk to me about why I’m running/Harry Potter.

5th Year Representative

Dong Hyun Kim

Hello! I’m Dong, a 4th year chilling in Rotorua. I started off medical school; naïve, and unaware of the turbulences involved with medicine. For example, EFTS caps for the great people with great backgrounds and experiences, getting jobs as house officers (especially for international students), and bullying in hospitals. But, after observing and experiencing these issues, I became interested in trying to solve these problems and being involved in AUMSA and NZMSA seemed like the best option. I am especially passionate for AUMSA and NZMSA, as the advocacy efforts from them have actually led to change (like the EFTS cap raise to 8, and hopefully more), and I think more greatness will come with time and effort. I promise you all that I will try my hardest to listen to your problems, and try to solve it!

6th Year Representative

Lucy Gray

Hey friends, my name is Lucy and I’d love to be your NZMSA 6thyear rep in 2018.  I am super keen to advocate for med students through what can be a very hard 6 years! I have some fab experience by being on AUMSA in 2017 and I’ve learnt how to listen to students about their concerns and how to advocate for change. I’m passionate about making this med school time better for everyone and would love the opportunity to do this at a national level through NZMSA! Would really love your vote so that I can support you all, even the ones of you I’ve never met! Love Luce xx

Christi Bowern

No one said medical school would be easy – as a parent and student I know first-hand how much a little bit of support helps to meet the significant demands placed on us. As we enter our final year it is important that we can navigate the ACE match, begin the next stage in our professional journey, and begin to shape the future of medicine in New Zealand. If you know me, you will have noticed that I do not have a problem speaking up, even in front of a large crowd. I am seeking this position to ensure that all of us have the support that we need to transition into junior doctor roles and that our voices help shape the workplace we will enter. If you want a strong voice standing up for your student experience, then I am your 6th year NZMSA class representative.

Education Committee

Site Representatives

Waitemata Representative

Shebani Farik


Kia ora koutou!

The clinical years are the best years of med school, but can be difficult to adapt to without the appropriate academic support. When transitioning in to the hospital environment, I needed advice, guidance and mentorship from someone who was well informed and experienced.

In this role I’ll be your point of call for any issues relating to your attachment or wellbeing, and will liaise with the appropriate people to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

Next year I’ll be returning to North Shore Hospital as a TI, and have well established relationships with onsite staff and board members. I’m passionate about creating an academic environment which provides you with the best learning experience and look forward to facilitating opportunities for mentorship.

I’m always keen for a yarn over some coffee, so please don’t hesitate to approach me with any questions or queries.

Many thanks ☺

– Shebani

Auckland City Representative

Rahul Makam

Hey everyone,

I’m running for this position because I’m truly passionate about medical education.

As a current 4th year, as much as I’ve found this new environment to be stimulating and exciting, I’ve also found it difficult to know what is expected of me. I’ve felt frustrated at how attachments were organised, at arbitrary marking and non-specific feedback. Most exasperatingly, I was voiceless. The clinical year can feel directionless – we are encouraged to self-direct but without guidance this can be fruitless, and I wonder if we are getting the most out of our years.

If elected I would work to ensure that all students I represented were well informed, received equal opportunity to succeed, and had a voice. I will increase the presence of mentorship in the clinical environment, improve clinical feedback, create educational opportunities through seminars and clinical projects, and organise forums for students to be heard.

Lizzie Rakhmanova


Hi friends! I’m Lizzie and I would love to be your site rep for Auckland City. I am deeply passionate about education and am committed to representing the interests of the Auckland cohort and tackling any issues affecting it. I’ve developed organisational, communication and leadership skills through numerous gigs as a class representative during my undergraduate degree, as well as by being actively involved in medical student interests groups and Med Revue 2k17. As a preclinical student, I’ve had an exciting opportunity to work for ADHB for three months; during my time as a research assistant, I’ve cultivated meaningful connections with the hospital as well as with many staff and faculty members. Being driven, friendly and approachable, I am confident that I can foster these relationships to ensure that all clinical students residing at ACH/Grafton from next year onwards are having the time of their life, and, of course, that your voice is heard 🙂

Counties Manukau Representative

Ben Stables

Hi I’m Ben and I’m running to be your South Auckland Site Rep for 2018.  I’m friendly and approachable and want to make sure everyone feels like they have somebody they can voice concerns (major or minor) to and know they’ll be taken seriously and actioned.
Having already completed one of my clinical years in Rotorua, I’ve got an idea of what makes a place nice and welcoming for a student and what doesn’t, and hope to try and improve any areas of the Clinical experience at Middlemore that you feel could be.
Having been on AUMSA as Treasurer in 2016 I have a detailed understanding of how AUMSA works, and what it can do for you as a student, and I hope to use this experience to better work within  the council, as well as the student coordinators at Middlemore.

Waikato/Lakes Representative

Sameer Bhat

Gidday all! My name is Sameer and I’m running for the Waikato Hospital clinical site representative position in 2018. Despite next year being my first time in the clinical environment, I’m hoping to bring my fresh and extensive preclinical perspective to the table in addressing what can be a daunting transition for most. Not to fret though- even if you do, infact, have vast amounts of experience in the clinical workplace, you can be assured that all of your concerns will be heard and addressed appropriately. As a large proportion of academic events and tutorials are held at Grafton, I will try my best to secure such tutoring and mentoring opportunities in our very own backyard – the mighty Tron as they call it.

To reiterate, I hope my vision for next year is one where your 2018 Waikato Hospital experience is unparalleled. Remember, a vote for Sameer is a vote to make Waikato great again!

Robin Page

Polluted rivers, nitrate blooms, and gosh darn it the fly fishing just isn’t as good as it used to be. If elected as Waikato and Lakes rep, I promise that I have exactly 0 concrete solutions to these relevant and pressing issues.

However, I can bring the combined experience of being a Class Rep, Vice President of Grassroots, and having an all-round can do attitude. Packaged with smoulderingly average looks, I aim to strike the perfect balance between r e l e n t l e s s  p o s i t i v i t y and being the metaphorical rock that brings stability to your clinical experience. Basically, I’m less polarising than the lenses in a cheap set of gas station sunglasses.

Seriously though, I love engaging with the medical community and want to be your voice for interacting with the faculty.

So, once you’ve voted for your choice in the general election, Vote Robin for Waikato and Lakes rep!

Euphemia Li

Hi friends, I am Euphemia (Effy/Flea…) and will be a TI in Rotovegas next year. I did 4th year in the mighty Waikato, and am currently doing 5th year in the Bay. So I have a fair clue what goes on in the Waikato-Lakes area and I thought I would be a decent person for the job. Unfortunately most of you won’t know me because I’ve spent way too many years out of Auckland and I’m pretty much ancient history. But in short, I like peanut butter, singing, trail running, broccoli, and occasional long walks on the beach. Feel free to hit me up on facebook or whatever if you’re so inclined… Cheers xo