AUMSA Executive 2017

2016 has come and just about gone, so what better way to welcome the coming year than to introduce the AUMSA Executive for 2017! Congratulations to those selected and we’re looking forward to you making 2017 an exceptional year as well! Head over to the “About Us” tab to learn more about your executive team.

President: Jibi Kunnethedam
Vice-President Administration: Sang Ho Kim
Vice-President Education: Liam Walsh
Secretary: Harry Di Somma
Treasurer: Brittany Smith
Sponsorship Officer: Kate Gatman
Webmaster: Boaz Competente
NZMSA 6th Year Rep: Andrew Thushyanthan
NZMSA 5th Year Rep: Harrison Kay
NZMSA 4th Year Rep: Ajda Arsan
NZMSA 3rd Year Rep: Jerryn Mathews
NZMSA General Rep: Dee Jani
Social Reps: Libby Halligan, Emma Bower & Daniel Carson
Welfare Reps: Liam Ferguson & Hyun Young Park
Education Reps: Andrew Jayasuria & Hilary Barker
ND Editors: Tom Hockey, Hilary Parsons & Charlie Lin
Sports Reps: William Cook & Jaymee Mcnab-Hand