Executive Role Descriptions

AUMSA Role Descriptions: A basic guide to each position

Please contact the current person/group should you have any further questions about what the job entails.


The chief responsibility of this role involves the general supervision and operation of the association. The President is the leader of AUMSA; overseeing strategic direction and establishing long term and short term goals for the association.

Current President: Jibi Kunnethedam (president@aumsa.org.nz)


The VPA assists and supports the President and assumes the responsibilities and duties of the President in the President’s absence. The VPA’s responsibilities are broad and involve internal and external communications as well as well as improving the overall success of the association. The VPA coordinates the Medical Student Interest Groups. You need to be proactive in assissting the President, have initiative, and be willing to help out with a range of different things that often arise.

Current VPA: Sang Ho Kim (vpa@aumsa.org.nz)


The VPE leads educational advocacy for students from years 2-6, with a focus on Phase 2 and 3. Naturally, the VPE is responsible for leading the Education Committee which coordinates educational advocacy and representation for all MBChB students – particularly in light of the new curriculum changes. The VPE sits on various faculty committees and it is vital that they have an established knowledge base of the phase 1, 2, and 3 MBChB curriculums. This is a crucial leadership role within the association that works closely with the President and the MPD Staff.

Current VPE: Liam Walsh (vpe@aumsa.org.nz)


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping clear and accurate financial records and managing the Association’s financial health. The role involves assisting various portfolios develop and maintain sound budgeting strategies. The Treasurer must have a clear understanding of financial accounts and be a champion of fiscal responsibility.

Current Treasurer: Brittany Smith (treasurer@aumsa.org.nz)


The Secretary is responsible for keeping clear and accurate records of the Association’s business. The role involves overseeing the administrative details of the Association and managing membership and election matters. The position requires sound organisational skills and a proactive attitude.

Current Secretary: Harry Di Soma (secretary@aumsa.org.nz)


The sponsorship officer is directly responsible for sponsorship and fund-raising opportunities for AUMSA and the activities and events it runs. This position is charged with formulating sponsorship proposals and ensuring sponsorship requirements are met. It involves close involvement with the Treasurer and the various portfolios and their respective events and activities. Good communication and writing skills are needed.

Current Sponsorship Officer: Kate Gatman (sponsorship@aumsa.org.nz)


The Social Representatives are elected as a team to ensure there is a diverse range of social activities and events to fill the Medical School calendar. You will be in charge of organising the usual events including High Tea, the Ball, and O-week, as well as other events you may initiate. These roles require sound event management skills, creativity, and financial budgeting skills.

Current Social Reps: Libby Halligan, Emma Bower, Daniel Carson (social@aumsa.org.nz)


This portfolio is responsible for creating a sports and recreation environment on campus and enthusiastically encouraging students to participate in sporting events throughout the year. Those elected will coordinate inter-faculty sports, Round The Bays, and Sports Exchange. They will also appoint and support medical student team captains in the various sporting tournaments.

Current Sports Reps: William Cook, Jaymee Mcnab-Hand (sports@aumsa.org.nz)


This role is to improve and widen the range of AUMSA educational events available to students, and work on education advocacy with the VPE. Education Representatives will liaise with other faculty groups and interact with the students to provide new and improved education events as well as strengthen traditional events that are well established.

Current Education Reps: Andrew Mark Jayasuria, Hilary Barker (education@aumsa.org.nz)


Looking after your own physical and mental wellbeing, while studying to be the best healthcare professionals we can be, is an ironically difficult task. We believe that one of the best ways to promote wellbeing is through self-expression and mindfulness – gentle reminders of the other non-med aspects of life. As the AUMSA Arts & Welfare Reps your role will be to look out for your cohort med whānau and to spread the importance of mindfulness, self-care, and to promote the arts in medicine. You’ll be responsible for a wide range of events including: med on mics, post-social event brunches, and workshops throughout the year.

Current Arts & Welfare Reps: Liam Ferguson, Hyun Young Park (welfare@aumsa.org.nz)


ND is a key channel through witch AUMSA engages with it’s members. The ND Editors require a range of skills to produce a successful and popular campus magazine as well as maintaining an online presence. The ND Editors are expected to be creative and thought provoking and the team must be competent in design and editorially proficient.

Current ND Editors: Tom Hockey, Hilary Parsons, Charlie Lin (newdoctor@aumsa.org.nz)


New 2018***

The AUMSA website and social media are key to engaging with both external stakeholders and members. The Communications Officer will be in charge of promoting AUMSA’s presence through these channels. Additionally, you’ll work with the Vice-President Administration and Secretary to coordinate the AUMSA & Rep Groups Calendar. You’ll have a large say in AUMSA’s branding, as well as promoting new services to our members via our website portal and social platforms. Experience in website management, social media, and ability to work in a team are crucial.

Current Webmaster: Boaz Competente (webmaster@aumsa.org.nz)


These are two year roles (with the exception of 6th year rep).

We are electing 4 new NZMSA Representatives.

  • One person going into Year 6 (current 5th years)

  • One person going into Year 5 (current 4th years)

  • One person going into Year 4 (current 3rd years)

  • One person going into Year 3 (current 2nd years)

Here you have the opportunity to make a difference to medical students all over the country and have input on behalf of Auckland students into NZMSA’s campaigns and advocacy. You will gain a lot of insight into issues affecting medical students and need to stay informed so you can keep the students up to date with what is happening on the national front. NZMSA is a fantastic team of medical students from over NZ.


New 2018***

Site representatives are open to clinical students only.

We are electing reps at the following sites (1 per site):

  • Waitemata

  • Auckland City

  • South Auckland

  • Waikato/Lakes

  • Northland/Pukawakawa*

  • Bay of Plenty*

  • Taranaki*

*** These reps must be in the Rural Immersion Programme and the role will be a shared Grassroots Executive-AUMSA council position and elected at the Grassroots AGM later in this year.

Your mandate is:

  • To represent your local centre on the executive and the national stage, and feedback NZMSA dealings to local students. You’ll also be helping to organise and run events in your centre, such as Have Your Say Forums and Seminar Series.

Are you right for the job?

  • Passion is key. Do you have the staying power to be passionate about making a change in medical students for two years? Do it. It’s awesome, and exhausting, and so worth it.

  • Tenacity. Can you continue to hassle politicians to give you a straight answer?

  • Organisation. Will you climb the mountain of emails with perseverance?

  • Leadership. Will you fly the leadership banner for medical students? Will you also follow and facilitate?

We strongly encourage you to contact the current NZMSA Representatives for further understanding of these roles.